Our Prices

What our prices are and the choices we have for pricing

Our flat Hourly Rate is $40.00 (no GST added and 25-40% cheaper than similar property maintenance companies)

Additional costs (discussed at time of quote)-
Refuse removal (to cover our cartage and refuse costs and are kept very reasonable)
Power tool usage (again to cover our costs including tools, fuel, maintenance and running costs and are also kept very reasonable)
Sprays and any landscaping and other additional material.

If you would like to know more or get a free quote please feel free to get in touch on
(Text message) 027 6886 355 (Tim Townsend- General Manager)

Free Quote Options

You can choose whether you want us to work on the hourly rate to completion or a minimum to maximum estimate is another popular option so you have a good idea what the price is going to be but there is still flexibility.

Another option is a “hard quote” where a price is set at the begginning of the job and this is the price on completion regardless of time and cost.

Another option we offer is for the client to assign the number of hours or a budget they would like to spend at the time and we can work to that.

The choice is totally up to you but you can rest assure that we always aim to be the number one most affordable home services company in the Christchurch region.