We offer a wide selection of outdoor and indoor property services.

We can do one off jobs to get things looking great and easy to maintain or we can do on going maintenance (which keeps the price down in the long run!) on a schedule that suits you whether it be fortnightly, monthly or just whenever you would like to call on us for a quick tidy or a service we offer.

We believe in using only high quality and commercial grade tools and products to ensure the job is done to the highest standard possible and can be performed efficiently meaning the customer receives more for a lower cost.

We provide services for private households, commercial properties and investment properties and also work alongside property managers.

Our services include:

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    • Gardening
    • From weeding to plant care no job is too big or small.
    • Hedges
    • Using the best available tools our petrol hedgers and pole hedger can make any sized hedge look great.
    • Tree Pruning and Tree Felling and Removal
    • If you require some branches removed, looking to improve shape, enhance sunlight or would like a tree cut down and removed we have all the tools and skills necessary. Even removal of high hanging branches is no problem with our extendable pole saw.
    • Lawn Mowing
    • With our powerful lawn mowers we mow any lawn type and include edging work with our petrol line trimmers. Lawn clippings can be removed or left where it suits on your property it is entirely up to you
    • Clearing Guttering and Down Pipes
    • We offer a great gutter and down pipe clearing service making sure they are totally blockage and refuse free with running water and removal of all waste.
    • Soft Landscaping
    • Experience with bark, stones, planting and garden design. No job is too big or small.
    • Property Tidy
    • We take away any refuse and are happy doing any tidying job from clearing of leaves using our powerful petrol blower to removal of rubbish.
    • Garden Creation and Design
    • Advising you on both soft landscaping planting, bark and foliage cover and the elements of hard landscaping of gravelling driveways, concreting, tiling areas including courtyards.
    • Spraying
    • From roses and weeds to lawn care we have all that is required for your spraying needs.
    • Rubbish and Refuse Removal
    • Had a few things sitting around you would love to see at the dump? Or done a whole lot of gardening and need to dispose of the refuse? We offer a refuse pickup service at a great price

We take away all refuse and always leave properties tidy and looking great.